Thursday 28 October 2021

Your Computer -- New Safety Features From Microsoft!

If you've been haggling with older computers, software downloads... system corruption, and which anti-virus is the best on the market.... Worry No More --- GOOD NEWS!
--- ToTal AV sells you a load of crap! Very dishonest company... time to say take a hike... but guess what if you were offered a Total AV for FREE --- IT Is "NOT" Free! TotalAV -- is guilty of False Advertising! If you try to remove TotalAV from your computer, because they install hidden codes on your devise, that make you believe you need to consantly upgrade or buy other products for your devise to work safely... Not True... by this time your only problem is ToTalAV.. and they will destroy your devise... Most impossible to ever remove TotalAV... you have to pay any price they ask and this changes each year after; in the mean time they're spying on everything you do...
Unfortunately, you also have to ditch your older computer to take advantage of features, that comes to you from Microsoft at a fraction of the price.
Your new computer now comes with operating apps, therefore no more software downloading and third party spies that give you one thing and then corrupt your system!
--------------------------------------------WINDOWS 10 in S Mode--------------------------------------
Still testing this new device... unfortunately everyone spies and they can disable your computer, because you're always online... it would probably be a good practice to disconnect from the internet before you shut down your device... With older computers you always had the option of completely disconnecting, because you can remove the electrical connection and take out the battery... give the computer a break so spies have nothing to spy on...


This is  the computer age and big companies feed of the public, track your data, want rights to everything you create by offering you their software or apps.  It matters not weather those services are free, or given at a cost.

Microsoft, is no better than the average social media company, who allows you to use their site for free...just so you can upload all your content for free and then they can say ... everything belongs to them and now you can get other features but you must pay!  No one ever talks about paying you the public for your content.. when they would have no business without your content!

Courtesy Google

What Microsoft does, is legitimized stealing of content... your computer comes with the manufacturer software or apps.  However, Microsoft is peddling Office 365... for a price, anything you create on the free manufacturer Office software (that comes with the computer), is automatically convert to Office 365 (Microsoft owned) -- then Microsoft want you to maintain a Microsoft email account. that you're asked to sign into each time you have to access apps. in the New S Mode.  You want to work on your document, you must be signed into your personal email account... and get this -- they also expect you too be constantly signed in,; so they can also monitor your email account...  This gets better, I tried to create a new account only for use with Microsoft and No way they won't allow me to update the email account, or to have 2 email accounts that can safely access apps. when using the S Mode.

Microsoft browser -- Microsoft Edge is a virtual spy, of course I use other apps. for accessing information online, but some sites won't give you full access if you're not using Microsoft Edge.. or one of the other browsers for download.  Last week, Microsoft Edge browser refused to connect me to my personal email account, saying it already belongs to someone... attempting to get me to use the new email account created; which they fail to recognize when I'm in the app. store...haahahhaaha! This company do many impulsive things, in violation of the publics privacy and we remain oblivious!

So Microsoft, want full control of all my content and my personal information... Is a computer even useful anymore if everyone wants to own your content without paying, or getting your authorization?

I've had so much harassment from Microsoft,, every time I open my computer they want to know when I'm going to sync all my data together, so they can have access to my content; by saying this is a good idea...

                                                         Courtesy Google Search

Word of advice, Never sync all your data to one location or multiple locations for complete access... these companies steal, that's how they survive!  By syncing all your data you are continuously using space that could be left for personal usage instead of cluttering and cutting space, that will be valuable long term -- this also ensures that your devise becomes cluttered and useless very quickly... so guess what, you're replacing devices more often than necessary.  How does this help Climate Change?

Microsoft is benefitting from our ignorance, or lack of posing questions in our own best interest; so our need to feel in control is really measured by granting Microsoft complete control of everything we do online!  These companies need to be sharing the wealth with us through government representatives...

In the news Google is constantly under attack, but Microsoft is more dangerous (in our schools and workplaces) and continues to profit at our expense... this must stop!

                                                  Courtesy Google Search...

The net worth of MICROSOFT CORP for the Week 49-2021 was $2.54 Trillion.

Microsoft is a Trillion dollar company based on recent reporting -- so why harass and intimidate people that's responsible for making you wealthy? 

Guess What?

Microsoft Trillionaires, that hacks and highjacks our information for FREE; just bought Activision Blizzard for about $70B

The Agenda

To manage all your/our electronic devices and monitor everything we touch!  Problem is, they don't  really know how to invent anything; but if they keep you loyal then they can simply access anything they want and continue striving off the illusion..

Headlining In The News:

Microsoft Will Now Snitch On You At Work Like Never Before

Interesting huh!  Your employers, businesses and workplaces are trusting Microsoft -- Only this company will use their access to your employees and students to sabotage your businesses.. think about that when you keep shoveling money to a company whose agenda is to control the world..

If you've ever been hacked or experienced threat online, or lost essential content... 90% certainty that Microsoft was involved!

There are countless apps. and downloads that's got nothing to do with Microsoft, find some that works for you!  Advice Boycott -- wait for government regulations..

To world alliances, don't be fooled by Microsoft! 

Wednesday 14 April 2021

Creating Your Profile & References!

Creating your Career Portfolio as well as your Resume is fun... make it simple --- just highlight the essentials based on the job you're seeking -- This should not be Rocket Science....but these are different times --- business simply have to say they did A, B, C...and so forth... who is going to do oversight? Exactly...!
Employers who are Really Hiring will contact you....always check the Qualifications necessary before applying! A lot of business put out adds. or say they will hire X... number of people, but then don't follow through --- and online is just a lot of deception (thoroughly researched)... so be prepared! I enjoy doing my own work by researching the System and Social Anomalies facing everyday people... It appears that the more qualified you are the less anyone's interested; employers seek people they can deny accountability to...If you need help creating business ideas --- let's brainstorm! Most businesses started with no actual credientials and they're scared of trained minds...
Resume Writing.... Making It Simple & Fun --- Do It Yourself or drop me a Line -- I'm here and always interested in helping if you are motivated!
Example of a Simple Resume...One Page... No one likes to have too search for content --- Especially not folks that are busy!
Need References --- Work with a Professional --- If you are working with me while doing your job search then I may be able to assist!

Friday 19 March 2021

Please Update Your Computers or Electronic Devices Periodically!

Computers or Laptops, Notebooks, etc... get redundant with time. We live in a very fast paced society. We Never want to learn how, but it will save you tons of hassle if you keep your device running smoothly. Even if your device is put away and not in use do take it out periodically and check for system updates. Most software and operating systems can be accessed free from Microsoft, but these window of opportunities tend to run out with time. Keep your device current then you save out of pocket, and you make a direct contribution to environmental safety.
Learning From Experience -- Should Operating Systems Get Outdated? Based on where you stand; you will answer "Yes or NO!"
Computers Can Be Fixed, it just takes a lot of valuable time and effort to check update and wait for systems to work properly. Do be careful some companies will tell you their product is completely FREE; then you download the software and find out there's a purchase price. So you go ahead and BUY, thinking it's a one time payment, then find out you just entered into a lifetime contract. In that case it's better to pick up your product in store and you may also be able to reuse it. It's all about the updating, they tell you this product has to be contiuously updated! Okay I'll simply download the other software when it comes out...
Here's What Happened with this 32 Bit Operating System!
Tech. Giants Can Help Preserve Our Environmental Defenses!
With all the viruses and malware, not to mention hackers who simply want to constantly track everything you do online, or steal your information, corrupt your files; the online world can be limiting.. Tech. Giants also play a part because they created these computer operating systems, such as: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8.1 and so forth only to later discontinue, or make them obsolete faster than you can say ... how? Do understand the basic use of these operating systems has not changed? However, this matters not, and you may be happy with your device, but then Microsoft stop updating those products, forcing you to upgrade.
Tech. Giants, Manufacturers, and such are making a mint out of our ignorance .... so every dollar you make plan to pass a % of it on to this industry in a constant battle with the inventors.
All this is simply not working! Each time a new operating system comes on the market, inventors should give you a rebate to make the new product more attainable, or keep their existing prices affordable to low income users by recycling and reusing said operating systems! Updating or upgrading should be the consumer choice, and should continue without limitations free of charge -- it is not their fault for the fierce industry competition, and they should not be penalized further!

Saturday 6 March 2021

Taking The Leap: Getting Qualified, But Then No-one Is There To Navigate Recruitment!

LIST of Jobs available in Canada Advertised For New Commers To Canada:
Jobs With Federal, Provincial Governments, Municipal, or Gov't Boards and Agencies (Provided By UFT):
Programs For New Graduates With the Government of Canada:
Teaching Jobs:
Jobs With Toronto City:
Job Bank Canada:
LIST of Jobs For New Graduates:
Jobs At Canada Post:
Youth and New Public Service Jobs:

Saturday 30 January 2021

Bringing Ideas To Public Forum For Self-Improvement -- Preparing For College/University!

"Free To Connect"

This Invite is to bring Goal Oriented people together, send out comments to one another and seek out Training, or Guidance to attain greater fulfillment in their daily lives...

Plan For Success -- What Are Your Goals?  How Will You Get There?  Most Goals Require Additional Training To Put Your Plan Into Action!

Get A Look At How To Proceed With A Professional Who Has Had Many Trials On This Journey Of Life... Never Giving Up is Essential --- Your Plan May Change, Time Lines Can Be Moved and so forth; but Persistence is motivating...!

So Let's Get Motivated To Be The Best We Can Be Through Consultation ... What have you meant to do, but kept procrastinating?

Life Challenges -- Is a Blog Spot I started To Trace Some of My Own Challenges... this site is open 24-7 to the Public. Ask me questions if this can be motivating! Most Everyone Have Potential To Do New Things...

The Highlights recorded on this Blog are only a few key points recorded -- but to me these are essential key points --- Possibly you have challenges in your own path and would like to start Blogging; to add meaning or perspective... These are all ideas that can be translated into practise -- It doesn't have to be can be small steps, one day at a time!
                   Continue The Conversation via email:

Look Forward To More On Study Tips & Applying To College or University!

Tips For Colleges and Universities are based on our Canadian System.
Further Colleges and Universities may offer different Application Submission dates -- Once you know the location & name of the Institution go to their website; read as much as you can; it will also help the process along...

These PowerPoint Slides were created to assist... any questions email me -- thanks!








Another very important Tip, you only learn about after you start a course or program..
Many have made the mistake of not taking APA seriously; and many have have failed, or gotten expelled for not following these rules!

*  What is APA?
The American Psychological Association (APA) have determined the formatting style academics must use, and ethical rules, in-text guidelines, citations & referencing formats acceptable for success...

*  Any assignment you submit must follow those guidelines..

*  Ever heard of Plagiarism?
Academics, Researchers and Scientists know how dangerous such behavior is to their careers... many have also lost their job for citing other peoples work as their own. Hence, taking credit for something they did "Not" develop is unethical.

*  Very important to share work created by others along with your own work, but you "Must" always give credit to the author... Why steal other peoples work?

*  APA Formatting style and referencing resources can be learnt easily by reading the content for guidelines..

* Example for referencing a Website with one author: 
Always start with the Last name of the author, then the first initial/s; followed by a comma; then the date of publication (this could be only the year, or month & day as well); next is a period; then the topic of the article (first letter of each word in caps), Site name, followed by a period; professors like to know when you retrieved the article, so say Retrieved on such and such date comma (e.g. April 25, 2020); next you say Retrieved From..and you paste the website/ULR... and it's as simple as that...Done!  

Wikipedia (Free Encyclopedia) is an excellent source of information...however never post this source in your reference...Colleges/Universities do not accept/credit the site -- Go to Wikipedia reference list and choose your author...

          Students have to include Retrieved in their submission -- Here is a typical journal citation without the date (n.d) Retrieved From  -- 
International Journal of Indigenous Health. (n.d.). Defining Aboriginal Peoples within Canada

*  I like to give others credit, it means I did my research! Even if you are working with another student and you take their ideas and say it's can be in for a world of problems, if they can prove the inception of the idea... Always protect your work, because everyone is vulnerable... Share the actual meaning of your project at presentation/s...or you could find group members presenting before you quoting all your ideas ...then you have nothing new to contribute...

*  There are different formatting for Journals, or other types of documents, but some of the specifics never changes... When in doubt find a link that can help train you, for example: Citation Machine.. you put in your data and they give you the correct referencing format...all you do is copy and paste...Done!

* Also some journals, or sites actually does the citation for you automatically; example your online library; College or simple choose APA for the citation.. copy/past..Done!

*   Know your ethical principles and code of conduct.. Link:


Fun Trivia
UNESCO -- United Nations Education Scientific and Cultural Organization, recognized International Radio Day in 2011.

 Did you know today, Feb. 13, 2021, is International Radio Day?

I was listening to the radio today as I do everyday; and heard Paul Cross, on the radio hosting a talk on the magnificent work of radio..!

Wikipedia (the Free Encyclopedia), has valuable research on this topic along with in-text citation and references… Note to Academics Do Not Get Stuck on Wikipedia, find and rely more on Journal articles!

Radio’s inception began with the transmission of communication via Morse code; by British and German stations during WW 1.  

The US Navy Radio Service station in New Brunswick, Canada, transmitted  'Fourteen Points (Principles of Peace Negotiations to End WW1)' by wireless to Nauen, Germany in 1917.

In 1920, Guglielmo Marconi was responsible for the first short wave radio transmission over long distance.. In the 60’s, or 70’s+ most homes had radio, not many had televisions (Black & White).

It was a very exciting time, people crowded together to listen to sports, music (legendary), news and other commentaries.  “BBC World News” was priceless…just the way in which the commentator spoke..

To this day, radio remains a constant for many; I constantly purge T.V. to focus on more meaningful aspects of personal development. However, Radio is a very essential tool for learning, providing musical enjoyment, as well as communicating information.

With masses of invention in society for listening to music; just give me radio, this way I can listen to music and also know/hear updates on what is going on in the community. Another plus, is that I never have to change a C.D… Now why would I give that up?

Radio is priceless, if you include radio, one can have constant weather updates, traffic updates, travel notifications, news, music; radio would also constantly say the time of day… this has fallen by the wayside…

Radio keeps you alert, anything I’m doing radio's in the background; if I’m cleaning, then I turn it up to my favourite station and the work is always painless…  “You never have to Stop, because Radio never Stops!”

A Sample of Radio London News -- July 1967!





  Look For Tips On Electronic Devices & Usability 

What do you NEED?

 The Operative word here is NEED!

 Having  top of the line devices is not a NEED..!

 Don't buy second hand... 2nd hand can appear to save you valuable cash.... but it may not provide you with any warranty, or return policy -- once you give up your cash it's gone!

          Buy something with the basic operating system that will more than fulfill your needs.. It keeps your cost down and will last many years; if used wisely. 

 I find a 32 or 64 Bit operating system works. Most computers comes with 64 Bit, so you can do upgrades.. You need a good office program; if your laptop does not come with one; WPS is free online and compatible with Microsoft version.

           Also you can get software downloads free from your College or University website -- a lot of programs can be downloaded off the internet -- Do be careful, some sites say free but then clutter your computer if you do not buy. Just remove their program and do a system restore if necessary. 

System Restore or System Backup must be done for your computer first thing after your purchase...

Used means, you may not even get the original handbook that comes with the device.... You need this so you can troubleshoot if necessary..

I first learnt that computers don't break using an old desktop.. Everything you touch on the internet traces your steps..! You will need to do repairs, but there are also programs for that; which is likely also included on your device.... so do not buy extras -- they can cause more harm to your device.

Not only that --- but every site you visit, junk gets collected in history and cookies--- Further, any other site you visit can trace your history & does their own collection..

A Big No -- NEVER Sync all your data to one devise, or all your devices; especially not if you want to keep it running smoothly... You're eating up valuable memory space that your device needs...  This may appear convenient, but it causes many problems, especially with all the data collection going on now! 

Keep phone data in your phone and laptop data in your laptop... go to the source when you want to access something..  Also do try and make your passwords memorable, and Not like your birthday...Never..Never...and if you need to retrieve passwords just add a recovery email... always have more than one email account... To much hacking and other stuff going on now -- This is all very tedious work, but worth it to stay safe online!

Google is one of the safest email account you can have at no personal cost to you...always check your privacy settings... Google will constantly remind you to do do it...then you pick what's collected and so forth... 

I enjoy Social Media to a point - I find those sites are always attempting to retrieve your settings...or link data -- I end up having to always check those and re-set my laptop.. better to just create a Restore point and do this every so often...

Never use phone for anything you do on the computer... just sensible surfing...




Your phone, store all your passwords and it is most difficult to sign out of networks, or accounts...  Now guess what you are giving away valuable information that belong to you!

About Apps.. don't go overboard...only download what you need; your phone comes with basics and you hardly need more... so restrict yourself!

A tip for students: You do not need a wireless provider... use the money to invest in a good phone, not a contract -- school is expensive and a lot of times you're watching money get just use wireless to connect all you devices --- there are some really great apps. available in Google Play, make use of an international phone app. where you can text and make calls at no cost to you!

This way you connect your devices when you need it...if in a new location!

Also you protect yourself; and give yourself time to respond to contacts! You know those folks who  think they're paying for your subscription with the service provider.... Not worth it!

Logically if something is urgent then it involves life and death...and you are neither a doctor, nor a health practitioner and do not need such responsibilities!  Unless you are...then you know this is included in your hiring contract...not out of pocket expenses!

Of course, if you're working for a company that provides all your electronic hook ups and hardware... then you had better be ready to respond pronto!



 This is your life, your pocket getting hit... so be pragmatic!

Academics, you do not need your electronic devices on campus... if you need to use a computer, there are campus computers and you're paying for access....use it!

Keep a basic phone, and you need a laptop for convenience when you're at home for: research, writing papers, accessing your online College/University Blackboard portals..

Taking your device to class is totally distracting, make notes for each course...that way you can review without having to stare at a computer screen all the time..

Plus, others can access your know those who always have all the best excuses as to why they were not in class for the lectures...they can have a copy of your notes if they can do the copying themselves and can read your writing... never write in full sentences...use acronyms as much as facilitates efficient coverage of the class content...also this is your work!

 Be Safe -- Safety is number one --- Don't depend on others -- this is your struggle  --- Get it done  -- Do Not Breath Until You Are Out The Door Credentials in Hand!




If you want to Post a comment -- Great! Please know the site features are managed by Google & they want you to Subscribe --- Sorry.... I apologize ... You can email, I will also put out advertisements with other Partners from time to time -- Have a great day everyone!

Friday 1 January 2021

New Years Eve 2021, Toronto, Canada Nathan Philip Square Celebration Amidst COVID-19

Most Pressing Concern In Canada During The Transition, And Ringing In Of 2021; Is "SAFETY!"

Prays and Hopes To Keep Our Boarders Safe, and Protect our residents during a global pandemic...

This is how Toronto, Canada Celebrated Ringing In The New Year For 2020!

Big difference when Ringing In 2021..

No Fireworks -- A few People went to the event hosted mostly virtually..

Quite Celebrations with more individuals checking for online concerts and performances..

Just another day for me, I celebrated with Australia first virtually; their event had Fireworks, also a noted other early celebrations around the globe such as: U.K, Germany, China, Russia, Tokyo, etc.

Not much of a night person myself, and have never really been the one to wait up to midnight for changing of the guards (so to speak)... I went to bed at 10:00 p.m., woke up on New Year's day & reached out to family... Checked news feeds to note there was a peaceful transition in Canada.